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January 30, 2013

10,000 Dogs On Parade

How many dogs do you need for your event to be considered a parade?  One? Five?  I’m not sure, but I think ten thousand dogs should cover it!  Last year Eko was one of about 10,000 pups to march in the annual Beggin Pet Parade in St. Louis.
How many dogs do you need for your event to be considered a parade?  One? Five?  I’m not sure, but I think ten thousand dogs should cover it!  Last year Eko was one of about 10,000 pups to march in the annual Beggin Pet Parade in St. Louis. Rhodesian RIdgeback, beggin pet parade

Check that.  I marched. Eko rode in style!

The parade is hands down one of the most fun events in the country.  The atmosphere is unlike any other event I have been to and it is unbelievable to see the entire city come out to cheer on man’s best friend.  And speaking of unbelievable  some of the costumes you see are simply mind boggling.

Beggin Pet Parade

Just in case you are worried you are seeing things – that is in fact two sun-glass-wearing Dobermans on a tandem bicycle that powers an old time jukebox.

After last year’s parade, I promised myself that Eko and I would make it back again some time in the future.  At the time however, I had no idea I would be living in Chicago, just about a five hour ride from St. Louis.  We have been looking for our first road trip of 2013, and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect start than a visit to STL for the 20th Annual Beggin Pet Parade!

Rhodesian Ridgeback

St. Louis, here we come!

The plan is to drive down this Saturday and then wake up bright and early to get down to the parade.  I’m hoping we’ll also have time to sneak in a visit to the AKC Museum of the Dog – Eko’s favorite museum in the country.

Rhodesian Ridgeback AKCWe enjoyed tea and laughs during our last visit!

Saturday is quickly approaching which means that Eko and I don’t have much time – we need to go pick up some costumes!  If you or anyone you know will be attending the parade this year be sure to drop us a line!


Comments for 10,000 Dogs On Parade

  1. emma says:

    Cool, sounds like a fun time, never heard of the event! I have heard of the AKC museum and hope to visit one day. Now that my breed is finally accepted it would be more meaningful to me 🙂 Have a blast in St. Louis…my step bro lives not far from there.

  2. Steven/Buddy says:

    WOW A parade sounds just what Buddy and I need to go do and get away !
    Will & Eko there is a 99% chance that Buddy and I will make it there !
    There’s a couple of things I have to check on before we could leave and if things work out, Buddy and I will hook our camper up and start a road trip ! We keep our camper stocked with things we need to make a fast break for a great get away ! The only thing we have to pack is food !
    Now as for a costume for Buddy ? Well, Buddy is not a big fan of wearing then ? So maybe Buddy can go as a “Dog” ?
    We never have been there or to the AKC Museum . We thought about going last year on the way back from Shawnee National Forest , when we camped there for 12 days. It is beautiful there and great trails there to hike with your dog. There’s not much to do in the little towns, but to kick back and relax and hike it is great for this. Then just the quiet setting and trees are just beautiful.
    So Buddy and I hope we make it and see you guys there ?

  3. If only we could, what a blast it would be!

  4. Oh how I wish we could go! Poor Cinema is so nervous around strangers that I think she’d be utterly petrified. We’ll have to start small and catch some Chicago street fests this summer. I hope you and Eko have a blast!

  5. That looks like so much fun!!!

  6. Marcela says:

    Lol. Eko, as always extremely handsome:) Do you know what Will? I have to do what you do. Plan road trips. I have been a home body since the beginning of the year because I got pretty sick. Road trips are a great idea:)

  7. catchatcaren says:

    well OF COURSE you are going you silly! You represent Purina 🙂

  8. writetowag says:

    Oh, that sounds like it will be a complete blast…Looking forward to seeing all the new pics!!!! I absolutely love the pic of Eko under the St. Louis Arch. Happy travels!!!!

  9. Why am I only hearing this now and how can I make this trip happen…oh my goodness!

  10. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh man Will, I wish I was going too. It looks like a blast. Safe Travels!!

  11. Wish I could be there….why I’m always on the wrong place?

  12. Have fun!! Can’t wait to read all about it :).

  13. onebluedog says:

    King Eko! I love it! This parade sounds like so much fun and I just can’t wait to see what Eko’s costume will be this year 😀

  14. LimeLight577 says:

    Eko is so cute! I cant wait to see what his costume will be this year!King Eko is a total original!

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