24 Hours (168 dog hours) in Burlington

It looked like there might be some snow on the way in Burlington, so I figured it would be best if we got going early on our first day in town.  We decided there was no time to waste!


Well, I decided there was no time to waste, but Eko says he never agreed to that.  He needed to charge his solar batteries first.


Once we finally made it out of the hotel, I went to grab some breakfast.  The Burlington Bay Café wasn’t supposed to be a dog-friendly stop, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some locally made treats at the cash register.  Very cool.


We checked out the Starr Farm off leash dog park so Eko could meet some of the locals.  The park is a huge space so there was plenty of room for Eko to run free.  Eko also stopped to ask one resident where he had purchased that snazzy argyle sweater.


Later that evening we walked down Burlington’s main road, Church Street.  The avenue is lined with tons of bars and restaurants with outdoor seating.  Eko however was determined to fixate on the stone deer in the hopes that it might run.

Also, I had a crazy idea yesterday for a secret mission.  I can’t tell you about it yet, just know that if I succeed it means I will be eating fries with gravy and working on my French…

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