Happy Thanksgiving!

Eko and I just wanted to welcome everyone who saw our commercial and is checking out our adventure for the first time.  As our readers know, this blog is not always pretty (especially not with my face) but we always have a great time, whether by land or by sea:

My shortcut to avoid Thanksgiving traffic did not work out so well

We have only been on the road a few weeks, but Eko and I have already managed to put together a Rocky montage (beware of the “music”!) and a behind the scenes look at the National Dog Show.  On the opposite end of things, Eko has taken apart some of our finances and a whole lot of treats.

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Thanks for checking in, we’re always looking for places to visit so be sure to drop us a line.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pet!  Want a simple pet-friendly way to say thanks?  Like Petcentric on Facebook and help raise $50,000 for Adopt-A-Pet.com.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. If my dog cant enjoy herself, then its no fun for me either. Lake George is NOT a dog friendly town, however, Lake Placid allowed my dog and me to vacation without treating my 90 lb German Shepard like she was a dog. She felt like a princess walking through the lobby of the hotel (complete with chandeliers), and other guests were happy to share the elevator with us. I am planning a trip to LP in the near future, and have no desire to vaca to LG ever!

  2. We love our dogs in Washington State. Not only are there great places to take them hunting and fishing, but there are also some wonderful pet-friendly communities that have local trails where dog and master can enjoy walks, swimming, and beautiful scenery together. And most would agree that our local dog parks are very nearly the best in the country. My dog Freddy, and I, live in the Tri-Cities (Richland) Area, and we have one of the nicest dog parks (Badger Mountain Community Park) in the state. I’ll send a picture. You and Echo are very welcome to come visit us anytime you can.

    • Bill, I’m sold! Eko and I are bouncing around the east coast for the next couple months, but the plan is to make our way out west in 2012. Hold a spot for us at Badger Mountain and we’ll hopefully see you there. You can shoot us an email any time at willandeko@gmail.com Thanks for the suggestion!


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