Marking Our Territory Goes International: Part 2 –Montreal

For a few miles the signs were all in French AND Chinese; my head almost exploded

After navigating the border, I hoped that the most treacherous part of our international foray was behind us.  As usual, I was wrong.  As we turned off the exit, Eko and I drove straight into the heart of French-Canadian China town. For a few blocks, the street signs had so many languages that they would have been more at home in a United Nations building.  After I tentatively drove through an intersection with a blinking green light (yes, you read that correctly) I decided it would be best to park the car before I crashed it.

Montreal obviously gets cold, so I bundled up in a coat, scarf and gloves.  As Mr. Eko, jumped out of the car wearing nothing but his birthday suit, I realized that my African dog would not last long in this weather without a wardrobe upgrade.  I also realized that since we were in French-Canada I would have to start calling my dog Monsieur Eko.  Luckily, Monsieur Eko and I only had to walk a few blocks before we found a pet store, Too Zoo.  Actually, in Montreal pet stores are called “Animaleries” and like many other French words, it’s a lot of fun to say.  Thanks to the helpful staff at the store, Eko was able to have a full on fashion show to find the perfect coat.

Eko does a pretty good super model pose, but this jacket was too tight


This jacket was quite refined, but definitely not warm enough


Warm, waterproof and breathable – this jacket was our winner


With Eko ready to brave the elements, we headed off in search of Canada’s legendary cuisine –poutine.  We found a place downtown that had an enclosed back patio with heat lamps where I could enjoy the deliciousness of fries and gravy.  The place was called Montreal Poutine, so I didn’t even have to look at the menu.

Eko laments the non-existence of poutine for dogs.

The afternoon light was fading fast by the time I paid the bill, so I knew we had time for one more activity…

After a horse and carriage ride, there was really nothing that we could do to top it, so Eko and I walked off into the sunset.


Au revoir, Quebec


9 thoughts on “Marking Our Territory Goes International: Part 2 –Montreal”

  1. Thanks for the info on the short trip into Montreal. We are Canadians living in South Carolina with our Sheltie. Glad to see some Canadiana. Did you enjoy the poutine?

    • I wish we could have spent more time in Montreal, we had a great day in the city and the loaded poutine was obviously the highlight of the trip. America really needs to get with the program on Poutine. Thanks for checking out the blog!


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