We Have Not Failed. We Have Just Found 10,000 Ways Not To Find A Dog Park.

Well, we made it as far as Boston Commons before our plan fell apart.  The Boston Common’s Dog Park is actually a section of the park where you can let your dog off leash between 6am – 9am and 4pm – 9pm.  The area isn’t fully fenced in, so you should only visit if your are confident that your pup will stick nearby.  Eko and I missed the time window this morning, but we plan on checking back tonight or later this week.  If you are local and visit the park, let us know so we can meet up.

We missed the dogs, but Eko enjoyed the ducks

The dog park aside, the walk through Boston Commons was great.  The Commons is one of the county’s oldest parks and there is plenty of scenery to enjoy.

Eko introduced himself to one of the residents at Frog Pond

From the Commons we headed up for a run along the St. Charles River.  The river path is a great place for a walk or run, and there are multiple access points from downtown Boston.  There is plenty to see as you work your way down the path.

You can enjoy the view from the docks. And you can hope you dog won’t jump in after the ducks.

Eko was ready to defend the harbor. As you can see from my face, I was not expecting Eko to be so eager to man (or dog) the guns.

This evening Eko and I are going to check out Peter’s Park, a fully enclosed off-leash park.  If we have time, we’ll try again to swing by the Commons and check that out as well.  And as always, if you have any suggestions about where to visit in Boston, please let us know! We have already got a few reader suggestions that we’ll be following up on while in town.

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