An Odd Duck

Now, I know we are heading outside of the city today, but last night I learned about some iconic statues in Boston which I absolutely had to visit. If you guessed that we visited the Paul Revere, George Washington or Sam Adams statues, you would be wrong (though I would like to visit the Sam Adams brewery).  Eko and I actually went back to Boston Commons to see a few smaller statues…

  We didn’t find the statues at the pond, but we did find the right animal…

Still no clue?  The statues we went to visit were inspired by one of the greatest literary masterpieces of our time – Make Way For Ducklings.  Just like a good pet, a good children’s book is always there to keep you company and cheer you up.  Like many people, I have extremely fond memories of reading Make Way For Ducklings so there was no way I could leave Boston today without first getting a few photos of my odd duck in the midst of his brethren.

One of these ducklings is not like the others

“You guys walk too slow.”

“I’ll lead the pack! Er, I mean flock.”

Now that I took that trip down memory lane, Eko and I can start the day.  If you too want to revel in some childhood nostalgia, the ducks provide a great photo-op. Eko and I had to wait to take our photos while a woman strapped her infant to the mother duck and took some picture.  I’m pretty sure I have seen rock climbers use less equipment before.  We missed the statues our first time through the park, so you need to look carefully.  The ducks are located on the walkway near the corner of Beacon Street and Charles street.

Eko and I are headed out the door now, but we’ll be out all day, so let us know if you guys have any other suggestions for places to visit.

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  1. i actually live in boston, and these statues are one of my favorite things in the city! one of my favorite pictures i have of my Rudy is him walking in between the ducklings. something about dogs and ducks is just too adorable.


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