Dirty, Clean And An Education In Between

There is a good chance Winter might lose its job.  It is already December in Boston (and everywhere else too, I guess) and Winter hasn’t shown up for work.  Eko and I decided to take advantage of our good fortune with a tour of Cambridge, Medford and a few other stops in between.  We got dirty, we got clean and we got ourselves a bit of an education. I’ll put out a full post in the morning, but here are a few snapshots of our romp outside the Boston city limits.

Eko got the run he wanted

The bath he (clearly) didn’t want

And the education he never knew he needed

If the weather report is right, then it looks like Winter is taking the day off tomorrow too. Eko and I are going to take a stroll down Newbury Street, go on a guided tour of the Freedom Trail and take a drive to one of the harbor islands.  If you want to meet up, just drop us a line here or on Twitter.  Or, if you have a suggestion on which of the harbor islands is most dog friendly, that info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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