We Have Not Failed. We Have Just Found 10,000 Ways Not To Find A Lighthouse.

One of my favorite parts about traveling with Eko is that he never gets upset when we’re lost – which is pretty often.  Anyone who knows me knows that I would have difficulty navigating myself out of a paper bag.

When we set sail this morning however, I was quite confident with our direction.  The mission was to find one of Maine’s many lighthouses, and Two Lights State Park sounded  like a place where we could find one. Or two.  We made it to the park without incident and found that Maine must have some very trustworthy citizens.

This would never work in NYC

After duly depositing our $4.50, we drove down to the parking area and valiantly attempted to find a spot.

After conquering the parking lot, our next task was to find one of the lighthouses.  We searched for a lighthouse for the better part of an hour, and although we enjoyed the trails, the open groves and the rocky shore, there was not a single lighthouse to be found in Two Lights.  Some would call this false advertising.

The Two Lights are not in Two Lights Park? Come on!

No lighthouses, but we did get a nice shot of Eko staring down Poseidon 

Your fearless duo once again took to the road and made our way to Fort Williams (the actual home of one of the Two Lights), where we dueled with a local resident over the best parking spot.

You win this round, seagull 

Both Fort Williams and Two Lights are popular parks in the summer, so it was really cool to feel like we had the place to ourselves.  We walked around the fort’s campus, checked out some of the old buildings and of course got a photo of the beautiful lighthouse.  Fort Williams is kept up by local volunteers and they have done a really fantastic job.

We found it!

My attempts at getting a photo of Eko and I in front of the lighthouse were repeatedly thwarted by a deafening fog horn, so we went on our way.  And by “went on our way”, I mean that Eko high tailed it out of there and nearly ripped my shoulder out.  Fort Williams also has a large off-leash dog area just down the coastline from the lighthouse.  The wide open field offers plenty of room and a great view of the ocean.

This spot was next to the dog park – it must have been where they kept dragons

As usual, the day didn’t go according to plan, but everything worked out in the end.  Both of the parks provided great views of the ocean with plenty of trails to explore.  Best of all, both parks were dog friendly.  Each park is less than a twenty minute drive from Portland, so if you are in the area you should definitely make the trip.

Due to our slight navigation mishap we didn’t get a chance to make it to Portland today.  Macksworth Island and downtown Portland are on the docket tomorrow – so let us know if there anywhere else in the area we need to check out.

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