A Dark And Stormy Day

Like usual, my trash talk caught up to me and Winter gave us a little preview of what’s to come.  A cold, rainy and gray sky awaited us as we looked out the window yesterday morning.  It would have been a perfect day to hang out indoors, but that’s not how we roll.  Rain or Shine, Marking Our Territory hits the road.

Eko didn’t catch any lobsters, but we didn’t let that get us down

Our first stop was Macksworth Island, just on the northern side of Portland.  The drive out to the island takes you over a bridge so low to the water that you would be in deep trouble if a wave came through.  Macksworth advertises 11/4 miles of trail – which is a really complicated way of saying that the walk around the island is two and three quarter miles. (Don’t worry, I used a calculator, not my brain, to figure that out).

Hunting for mussels

The walk around the park gives you a panoramic view of Portland and the surrounding areas.  You can’t let your dog off the leash, but it was still nice to walk along the shore – even in the rain.

I wasn’t sure if this sign applied to Eko.  If left alone with a box of treats he could definitely be considered a weapon of mass destruction

After exploring the island, the next stop on our list was Planet Dog – a really unique pet store in Portland.  Planet Dog not only stocks unique and hard to find pet supplies, but it is also the pet store most devoted to sustainability that we have ever seen.

Planet Dog takes old toys and makes them brand new

They even have a toy for dogs who make the naughty list!

Planet Dog sells plenty of fresh treats with some of the most original flavors I have ever seen.  They looked delicious.  I don’t know if being on the road has made me desperate or if dog treats have gotten much tastier, but I am constantly tempted to try these home baked dog treats.  Actually, the line between what Eko eats and what I eat has become quite blurry….

All for PB & J and PB & J for all!

Eko was content to snack on his eats and he assured me that an hour of running around an island in the rain was enough for the day.  We got to see a lot of Portland yesterday, but unfortunately it was through a car window and a ton of rain.  It looks like the weather is cooperating today, so getting a close look around down is our goal.  Give us a shout if you are in the area and want to meet up.  We would be happy to share our PB & J’s with you!

If you can’t make the trip in person, you can always share in our live action digital adventure on Twitter @WillandEko

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