The Snug Pub

Last night I found the answer to the question, “If I lived in Portland, what would be my first stop after a long week of work?”  The Snug Pub on Congress street has a ton of character and is full of a ton of characters.  It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink and relax with friends. Four legged friends included.


While Michelle watches the bar, her Shih Tzu checks ID’s to make sure no underage dogs try to sneak any beers.

He also teased Mr. Eko a bit

The Snug doesn’t serve food, but you can bring in your own.  So really, the Snug is also whatever restaurant you want it to be.  A good beer and a good dog are by themselves great for reducing stress, but when put together on Friday night they make it that much easier to unwind.  My only regret is that we only had one chance to visit the Snug.  It is a really unique spot that you don’t want to miss if you are in the area.

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