We Have Not Failed. We Have Just Found 10,000 Ways Not To Find A Hiking Trail.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  Eko and I got lost today.  First, we tried to go to the dog park in Concord, but all we saw at the address was a car dealership.  Next, we set course for the dog park in Hookset, but found ourselves in the middle of a recycling center.  In an attempt to salvage the trip, we headed over to what I thought was the Rail Trail, but we actually ended up in a housing development.

Defeated, we turned to head back to the hotel when I caught site of a clearing next to the road.  Miraculously we had found the entrance to the Hookset Rail Trail.  The trail is a part of a large network of old railroad tracks that have been converted to paths for public use. Under two miles long, the trail is a nice place to take your dog for a walk or run.

Levitating on the trails

Levitating on the water

We’re back at the hotel now trying to regroup.  If you know where either of the two dog parks ACTUALLY are, please let us know!  And no matter how lost we get and how dark things may seem, it is important to remember –

There always light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes an Eko too

2 thoughts on “We Have Not Failed. We Have Just Found 10,000 Ways Not To Find A Hiking Trail.”

  1. Eko’s just the opposite. He knows how to swim but is not a big fan of the pool. Anything that has a shoreline he’ll jump right on in though. The shallows of this pond were frozen solid, so Eko got his first taste of ice skating.

  2. Is Eko walking on a frozen pond? Nice photo! Its my experience with my Labradors, that they wont leave the house to walk across a damp patio. They will, however, walk across a dry patio to jump in the pool and get totally soaked to the bone. Go figure.


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