Live Free or Die. (We choose live free)

Without a doubt, New Hampshire has the most intense motto of any state.  Name one other state that provided the title to an installment of the Die Hard franchise. Exactly.  So what I’m trying to say is that New Hampshire is no place for slouches.  As you know, Eko and I have done some serious workouts to stay in shape, but to be a real contender you have to train with the best.  That’s why we took a visit to All Dogs Gym in Manchester, NH.

The gym is located on a residential road, so look for the blue sign

The gym must have been built using Egyptian stone. These ancient hieroglyphics adorn the outer pillars.

We had the opportunity to meet with the gym’s owner, Gail Fisher, who was kind enough to talk about the history of her business and give us a tour of the facilities.  All Dogs Gym is a massive 25,000 foot facility which offers grooming, daycare, boarding and training.  No matter what time of day, there is always something going on at All Dogs.

There’s something for everyone at All Dogs

This wide open agility course is where the champs train

The dog pros were using the agility course to train for competition, so Eko and I got to watch as they bobbed and weaved through all the obstacles.  Eko was itching for a run, but I don’t think you get any points for knocking everything over.  We headed over to one of the facilities private classrooms where Gail demonstrated some fundamental training techniques.  I like to think Eko is well behaved, but I also like to think that one day I might be able to dunk a basketball.  The truth is that we both need a lot of practice (and one of us needs a reality check).

Gail had Eko eating out of the palm of her hand in no time, and I wish I could take Eko back  for some more practice.  Since we’re always on the road, I did the next best thing and picked up a copy of Gail’s training book.

Studying makes Eko tired

All Dogs Gym is great one-stop shopping for taking care of your dog.  The same people who you trust to train your dog, you can trust to groom and watch your dog.  And if one day you want your dog to be jumping through hoops on TV, they have the facility you need to train in.

Tomorrow we head to Dog Chapel, so let us know here or on Twitter if you want us to pass along any love for you!

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