Dog Mountain

Eko and I have visited tons of interesting and fun pet-friendly destinations, but we have never come across a place as unique and moving as Dog Mountain. Dog Mountain, located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, is the realization of the dream of artist Stephen Huneck and his wife Gwendolyn.  The property includes open fields and trails along the side of the mountain, a store featuring Huneck’s dog-inspired art and a chapel Huneck built to celebrate the lives of all dogs.

Can you spot the dog not made of wood? (Hint: he likes treats)

Huneck’s warm, friendly and fun style is a perfect reflection of his subjects.  There are plenty of great prints and designs to choose from in the shop

A ridge on a ridge.  Eko loved the open mountainside 

While running around the field, I tried to coax Eko to walk up the narrow ramp to the top of one of the obstacles.  Eko wasn’t having any of it, but that didn’t prevent him from getting his treat…

The mountain, the art and the store are all great reasons to head to Dog Mountain, but the highlight of the trip was definitely  the chapel.  A “dogma” free zone, the chapel is an amazing testament to the bond between dogs and their families.  The walls of the beautiful building are covered with layers of tributes and messages of thanks written by families for the dogs who loved them unconditionally.

Our kind of place

Not a free spot from floor to ceiling

St. Johnsbury was almost a two hour drive from Concord, but the trip was well worth it.  It was incredible to see the mountain, Huneck’s art and the chapel first hand.  If you are even remotely nearby, I can’t recommend the trip enough.  You will definitely hug your dog a bit harder after a visit to the chapel.

I could go on forever about Dog Mountain, but I really could never do the place justice.  You have to make the trip for yourself.  If you can’t make it  to Vermont, you can find more information at  All purchases of Huneck’s artwork go towards keeping Dog Mountain open and free.

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    • It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Dog Mountain is such a unique and beautiful tribute to our best friends – if you are ever in the area it is well worth the drive!


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