We Have Not Failed. We Have Just Found 10,000 Ways Not To Find A Pet Store.

We got lost in Providence today. Shocking, I know.  I swear it’s not my fault this time! But I’ll get to that in a minute; first things first.

Yesterday afternoon Eko and I arrived at the Hotel Providence, just a short walk from the heart of downtown.  In the summer months the hotel routinely holds dog-friendly happy hours, but during the winter dogs have to make due with the bowl of treats and the warm and comfy bed set up in the lobby.  Tough life.

We started our trip with some dog-friendly lounging and football in the room

At least three skaters at Kennedy Plaza fell while trying to get a look at Eko

I can’t skate and they didn’t have any skates in Eko’s size, so we just enjoyed a walk around the park before calling it a night.  This morning the plan was to visit three spots: the Gano Street Dog Park, the Plaid & Stripe dog store and the dog-friendly Books on the Square. As the great Meatloaf once sang,”Two out of three ain’t bad.”

The Gano Street Dog Park is located at the intersection of Gano and Power streets in the eastern part of the city.  The fenced in dog park isn’t very large but it’s located right on the river which is nice.  It also gets a pretty good crowd throughout the day which is great for dogs like Eko who prefer a playmate to a ball or stick.

Eko couldn’t believe his good luck when a dog walker showed up with five friends

After romping for a good hour, we made our way to 182 Wayland Avenue, the address where the almighty Google told me Plaid & Stripe would be located.  All we found was a boutique clothing store with a lonely water bowl out front.  Turns out that Plaid & Stripe has recently moved its shop.  Come on now, Google! We trusted you! The Plaid & Stripe visit has since been rescheduled for a visit tomorrow (at the proper address- 17 South Angell Street).

Following our minor mishap, it was on to the bookstore. I was somewhat skeptical of a bookstore being dog-friendly, but Books on the Square proved me wrong before we even walked in the door.

Eko had to read the sign twice before he believed it

We recreated the cover photo of a book about cross-species friendships

The staff at Books on the Square were extremely welcoming and even had a treat in hand for Eko.  Based on prior experience, I’m sure Eko will now try to stop at every bookstore we see in hopes of getting a treat.  It is really cool to see retail stores open their doors to pets and we appreciate places like Books on the Square who welcome our four legged friends with open arms.

As always, we are looking for more pet-friendly places in the area.  If you live in Providence and want to meet up at your favorite spot, or if you just know of a place we shouldn’t miss out on, let us know!


5 thoughts on “We Have Not Failed. We Have Just Found 10,000 Ways Not To Find A Pet Store.”

  1. There are two legal dog parks in Providence. Neither one is great. Gano St is located in back of the basketball courts that sit behind Duncan Donuts on Gano Street. Dexter is located on the west side in the Dexter training grounds that sit in front of the decaying empty and hulking armory building off Cranston Street. A not legal but acknowledged park used by many dogs and their owners is on Bell Street (past the Bell Street Chapel) off Broadway just before passing a huge Catholic Church on the left and entering into Olneyville. The Bell Street Park is completely enclosed and very large affording lots of grass and space for dogs to be with a pack or on their own if they choose. Aggressive dogs are few and the owners who go here are a nice bunch who self police, pick up the poop and generally get along very well. Great place for your dog to play and much better than either Dexter or Gano. Another “not legal” area within the city limits is Blackstone Park, along the river on the east side of the city down the street from Lincoln School. Wild, wooded and rambling. Dogs off lead have been tolerated here lately although there always seems to be a seething undergound of dog haters trying to get them evicted. Hopefully that will not happen and the woods will remain a great playground for people and their owners alike.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one! Google also doesn’t list a ton of the best spots. That’s why I like checking the Petcentric Places app and asking the locals. Much more reliable.


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