Blackstone Park

Do you ever get the feeling that your dog might be too comfortable? I’m not sure why, but I got that feeling this morning…

It’s good to be king

Thankfully grapes are bad for dogs – otherwise I think Eko would have asked me to feed him some this morning as he lounged in the hotel lobby. It’s nice to pamper your dog, but it’s just as important to get them muddy.  Thankfully, Robin, from Plaid & Stripe, recommended  Blackstone Park as the perfect place to let Eko loose.

Eko sized up this vicious guard dog on our way to the car

With the bad weather, we expected the park to be quiet

But Eko quickly found some playmates

Eko and I posed for our GQ cover shoot

Blackstone Park sits right on the water and the trails offer a great place to let your dog run free.  It’s not fenced in, but there is plenty of room for the dogs to play away from the road. The Blackstone Park also extends along a three mile boulevard if you prefer to take your dog for a walk on leash.

Eko romped through the mud with his new friends for over an hour and most definitely earned himself a bath – and a nap, of course.

All play and no work makes Eko a sleepy boy

The fenced in dog run on Gano street is convenient for a lot of reasons, but if you are confident in your dog off leash, then Blackstone Park is definitely the place to go.  Locals tell us that there are always plenty of dogs at the park looking for someone to run with.

Eko may be out cold now, but like all dogs he’ll be ready for another adventure soon.  If you have any recommendations of places we should check out in the Providence area, be sure to let us know!

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