Happy Holidays!

Christmas may be over, but the holiday season lasts until the new year, so Eko and I have plenty of time to send out some more critter carol cards while we’re on the road.

But before we make our way to the Big Apple, we were lucky enough to get to enjoy the holidays at home with family and friends (human and canine).

There’s no place like home

As you can see, even at home, life with Eko is an adventure.  Luckily Eko decided not to jump on my brother’s head.  Eko is spending the rest of his day playing with Dutch, my brother’s German Short Haired Pointer and Scout, my mom’s lab/poodle mix.  While they tire each other out, I’ll be preparing for our foray into NYC. You could spend your whole life exploring NYC, but Eko and I only have a a few days so we would love to get some recommendations from you guys.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with their pets – we’ll check in tomorrow from the bright lights of Times Square!





I just found out about your blog – great read. My husband and I, and Austin (our 9 mos old mutt) are so envious that you and Mr. Eko get to do this awesome trip. We live about an hour from NYC and would love to introduce Austin to the Big Apple. We can take the train from CT to NYC and arrive in Grand Central Terminal. Any specific advice on how we can travel with a puppy while we are in the city? Taxi? On foot?

Hey Erica,

Glad to have you on board! NYC is even more overwhelming for dogs than it is for people, so it’s definitely best to plan ahead. If you’re going to be traveling far in the city, it’s probably best to schedule a ride with one of the city’s pet-friendly taxi services. You can try to snag a regular cab, but you may not have much luck. If you and your pup are game for a good walk, you can head straight up to Central Park. Depending on when you arrive there are off leash hours too.

You can check out our NYC adventure video here:

Good luck!

Wish I could travel around like you guys do but my mom wont let me because I’m just 7 months old. Love your site. 🙂

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