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Normally, Marking Our Territory is a one man/dog production; I shoot the video and Eko handles the editing.  But since we are in NYC, we thought it might be a good idea to bring in the big guns for a day to shoot some video of our adventure.


Mr. Eko thinks he’ll be hosting the Today Show in no time

Unlike our other videos, the footage we got today was captured by professionals and will be put together by professionals.  For one day at least, a Marking Our Territory video will not be amateur hour!  Eko has vowed that he will improve his editing skills though, so we still plan on making plenty of our own videos.

We only just walked in the door from a long day of shooting – Mr. Eko actually tried to pass out in the hallway as I opened the door to our room – so I will post a full rundown of our day tomorrow morning.  The full length video will be out in a few weeks and we can’t wait to check it out.  For now, I’m off to join Eko for a nap!

Our superstar needs his beauty sleep

See you tomorrow for the full report on all the great parks and stores we stopped by today.  Tomorrow is out last day in NYC (Mr. Eko would probably try to eat the New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square) so if you have any last minute recommendations, let us know.

4 thoughts on “Real Housedogs Of NYC”

  1. Hey Valerie, thanks so much for your suggestions! Eko and I took a walk down through Soho to Happy Paws, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make it out of Manhattan during our trip. I know that Brooklyn might be the most dog friendly of all the boroughs so I really wished we had more time to visit.

    Liz, thanks for checking out the blog. The full video will probably take a few weeks to put together, so you should check back to watch the whole thing. I will post it asap.

  2. I was at the Madi Sq. Dog park while you were filming. When will that footage be posted to your blog? I had the blk wht pom and the 2 fluffy labradoodles that loved playing with Echo. Your crew took lots of videos of us and am excited to see on your blog. Enoying the Beneful Hug treats.and look forward to seeing video or our fun morning at the Mad Sq. Prk dog run.. Happy Travels and Happy New Year.

  3. There is a great dog spot on Lafyette St and Houston behind the Addidas store called Happy Paws. There are always dogs hanging out (doggy daycare), cool merchandise and the grooming services are exellent. Not much room for Eko to run and play with the other dogs but you can have a nice stroll down broadway into SOHO on your way there.

    Another option- maybe you two can visit the city shelter uptown and put a spotlight on all the dogs and cats that need good homes. Or visit the ASPCA on the upper east side. You and Eko can take a run on the path alongside the FDR drive as well.


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