The National Tundra (Mall)

If the monuments and buildings were stripped away and you walked along the National Mall today, you would swear that you couldn’t have been more than a couple miles from the South Pole.  I would have been content to sit inside with some hot chocolate, but Eko apparently forgot that he is an African Dog because he didn’t mind the cold one bit.  We began our day at the east end of the mall with a visit to the Capitol Building.


We launched our campaign for the White House.  We have yet to agree on who gets to be President, but we’ll settle that once we get elected.

One of the great mysteries in life is why DC is the CAPITAL city, but congress convenes in the CAPITOL building.  In any event, Eko and I didn’t have time to ponder that mystery so we moved down along the mall.

The wind turned the capitol pool into a wave pool and Eko’s ears into propellers 

This windmill likely generated enough electricity to power the entire city for weeks

The Washington Monument is closed for repairs, but you can still get plenty close for a good photo.  You may also have noticed that the wind turned Eko’s head into an airplane. 

The World War II Memorial is located just beyond the Washington Monument

The Reflecting Pool doesn’t look so great these days, but after a major restoration effort, the pool will look better than ever when it reopens.

We finally found a lap big enough for Mr. Eko to sit on

The Lincoln Memorial was our last stop on our tour of the National Mall, but there are plenty of other monuments and memorials along either side of the green that you can walk to with your dog.  Dogs are not welcome inside any of the buildings, but if you give your pup a break, there are also a ton of great museums and exhibits along the way as well.  Without a doubt, the Mall is definitely the best place for a walk or jog with your dog in downtown DC.

My fingers still feel like popsicles, so Eko and I are going to warm up and recharge.  We have a full week of adventures lined up, but we are always looking for recommendations about some hidden gems.  If you are a DC dog lover, let us know where we should go!

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