An Afternoon In Arlington

Just a short drive from Washington DC, Arlington, Virginia is home to a large number of DC commuters.  In a former life, I lived in Washington DC, so I know firsthand that Arlington is extremely dog friendly.  Eko and I took a drive yesterday afternoon to check out one of the local dog parks – Shirlington Dog Park

Anyone else notice that Eko always looks like he’s looking for trouble?

Shirlington Dog Park is a long fenced in run alongside a stream.  In warmer months the dogs can play in the shallow water, but the park is packed year round.  Another great part of the park is that it closes a half-hour after sunset, so DC commuters have time to get home and head over to the park.  A few of the locals even had some cool light up collars – I definitely want to get one for Eko.

My former co-worker lives in Arlington, so we met up at a local dog bakery to sample some homestyle Virginia dog treats.

Out front of Dogma Bakery with Tom and Marley. (Notice Eko the thief)

Eko and Marley sampled a few treats before we made our final decision

The Parmesan treats came highly recommended, so Tom and I had to try them too.  Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve been living out of a car for a few months, but the treats might be one of the best things I’ve tasted all trip.

Eko and I also recreated the Lady and the Tramp with this dog muffin

Eko got some good play and some good eats in Arlington, so like always, he completed the doggie trifecta by getting some good sleep.

Dreams of being Super Dog?

This afternoon Eko and I will be bouncing around the city to check in on some local pet stores.  We’re also going to take a walk down by the White House as well, so let us know if you’re around.

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