Tree Time!

Like most people, Eko and I love trees. What type of fig do we like best? The Wonderboom. The coolest African tree? The Baobab.  Our favorite fictional tree? The Giving Tree. We can talk to you about trees all day, baby!  If like us, you are a connoisseur of photosynthetic lifeforms, then we have the perfect spot for you in DC – The US National Arboretum.

If you like boring trees, the Arboretum is not the place for you

Although I’m still not entirely sure how you pronounce the word Arboretum, Eko and I had a  fun time getting lost amongst its trees.  Leashed dogs are welcome in the park, and the paths are a great place for a walk, run or bike ride with your dog.

It’s raining trees!

Trees are awesome, but I would have preferred the dinos stuck around

You will have “Rhododendron kiusianum” at the Arboretum

We had fun at the Arboretum, but it’s Friday afternoon and I can tell that Eko is itching for some off leash time.  We’re going to check out the Congressional Cemetery Dog Park (I swear it’s a real thing) around 5 o’clock, so come stop by and hang out for a bit after work.

3 thoughts on “Tree Time!”

  1. Is Echo a rhodesian rigeback? He looks and acts a lot like my chiweenie, Gracie May. Maybe Gracie is decended from aline of trouble maker rhodesian rigebacks turned dauchshund/ chihuahua mix.

  2. Hey. My dog likes trees, because they have squirrels and birds in them. My dog also has a blog called It was just started, and I really want people to look at it!!!! Eko and Will, along with anyone else who looks at this comment, please look at it!!!!! If you have a dog, make the comment from the dog, so Gracie has some doggy friends to talk to. Thank You!!!! Leave a comment!!!!!


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