Session Adjourned

The more we travel, the more I am convinced that Winter decided to take the year off.  It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in Washington DC, and Eko and I spent most of it outside without our jackets.   We kicked off our weekend with a visit to Eastern Market, the historic open air marketplace in Capitol Hill.

We brought my brother’s dog, Dutch, along for the trip as well

Eko enjoyed watching all of the action at Eastern Market, but I knew he would prefer to be in on the action, so we took a short ride to the Congressional Cemetery.  In what might be the most unlikely pairing of all time, Congressional Cemetery is both a cemetery (of course) and an off-leash dog park (what??).  To visit the dog park you must pay annual membership due or a one time fee of ten dollars.  If you are visiting DC with your dog, it will probably be the best ten dollars you spend during your trip.

It was getting dark when we arrived, but Eko promised to keep the ghosts awayWith over thirty acres of fenced in land, the park offers plenty of room to run

A full moon rose above the graveyard, but what could possibly go wrong?

Mr. Eko was possesed!

I performed a quick exorcism on Eko and then we high tailed it out of there before another ghost could get us.

We had a great week (and a haunted weekend) in our nation’s capital, but it’s time for us to hit the road again.  This week we’ll be splitting our time between Raleigh and Charlotte, so we would love to get some pet-friendly recommendations from any North Carolina experts out there.

Before we move on, I am going to visit a unique local business to get Eko cleaned up.  Well, actually, they are going to visit me. Check back in later this afternoon for a post about that.

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