The Road To Charlotte

Somewhere between wrapping Mr. Eko like a birthday present and finishing our Incredible Dog Challenge video, I neglected to mention that we are finishing up our North Carolina visit by spending the weekend in Charlotte.  On our way from Raleigh to Charlotte, Eko and I decided to take a detour to Durham for some lunch.


pet friendly restaurant

The Q-Shack in Durham is famous for it’s BBQ food. Eko sunbathed next to our picnic table while I ate myself into a food coma.

pet friendly campus

We also took a stroll around Duke’s campus

dog friendly north carolina

And we saw the most refined statue of all time.  The Duke has a cane and a cigar.  All this statue is really missing is a glass of bourbon whiskey.

So now we’re in Charlotte through Monday.  Around six tonight, we will be heading to Charlotte’s only dog-friendly bar – the conveniently named Dog Bar.  We’ll be hanging out watching football for a while, so if you’re in the area come stop by and we’ll buy you a drink. Eko’s paying.

dog friendly charlotte

Eko is ready for Charlotte, but is Charlotte ready for Eko?

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  1. Dude:
    As a Jersey Boy, did you know Duke University was almost located in New Jersey. State lore says that the 3,000 acre Duke Farms in Hillsboro New Jersey was destined to become the site of Duke University. The word has it the State tried to pull a fast one on the Duke family over the the deal so tey moved the project a bit south.


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