Mr. Eko, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not in Jersey Anymore

Based on a reader recommendation, Eko and I headed out to James Island County Dog Park.  Like a lot of Southern dog parks, James Island Dog Park offers plenty of room for dogs to run, but the real highlight of the park is the lake.

Eko wanted to nominate himself, but he’s got a big enough head already

Some joker thought it would be funny to pretend there are alligators in the park

Eko wasted no time dashing into the lake


When I saw the second alligator sign I wanted to run in the opposite direction screaming like a school girl, but no one else seemed that concerned.  I didn’t see any gators in the lake, but I’ve watched enough Discovery Channel to know that not being seen is exactly how gators get their lunch.  Luckily, Rhodesian Ridgeback was not on the menu and Eko  made it out of the lake in one piece.

Our walking tour of Charleston got cancelled due to the intermittent rain today, so we’re going to see if there is somewhere else we can check out later this afternoon.  Let us know if you have any gator-free suggestions!

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