Going For Gold

Atlanta was home to the 1996 Summer Olympics, and the centerpiece of the development for those games was Centennial Park.  Fifteen years later, Centennial Park remains a popular attraction for both tourists and residents.  The park was definitely the best part of our visit downtown.

dog friendly atlanta

With sporadic jets of water shooting over twenty feet high, the fountain was a “play at your own risk” area.  We decided not to risk it

dog friendly atlanta

This is not usually something you want to see when you’re out for a stroll, but in the context of an Olympic park it’s less unsettling.

dog friendly atlanta

Eko tried to get this guy to serve him a cold one outside of the Coke Museum, but the guy wouldn’t budge. Probably because he’s a statue.

dog friendly atlanta

This photo is the result of me trying to take a photo of Eko nosing the dolphin, then a foreign tourist offering to take the photo and then me trying to explain through hand motions what I was trying to capture.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you just gotta roll with it.

dog friendly atlanta

At the center of the park Eko dreamed of one day representing the USA in the “Chasing other dogs at the dog park” event.

This blog is about pet-friendly adventure destinations, but I have to recommend one Atlanta location that is not pet-friendly but is nonetheless a must see.  While Eko caught some R&R, I took a peek inside the Georgia Aquarium and was blown away by a number of the exhibits.  If you have the chance, make sure you check it out!


The mama whale shark is no joke

The bad weather rolled in this morning so we’re still fine tuning our plan for today.  If you have any favorite indoor spots in the area let us know.

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  1. Dude:
    The window at the Georgia Aquarium in the big tank is something like two feet thick. (Built in Japan) The tank has a load of hammerhead sharks as well as he ginormous Whale Sharks. The tank also holds schools of sting rays. Despite the heavy feeding of everyone in the tank the ray population was on the decline. Turns out, rays are the natural food of hammerhead sharks, Oh well, the hammerheads seemed to enjoy the occasional sting ray a la carte.


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