A Good Bath Is Hard To Find

After his fifth romp at Centennial Dog Park in as many days, Eko had certainly earned a bath.  Normally, I can rinse Eko clean in the shower, but when he gets extra dirty it is best to go with some professional grade gear.  One of the locals at the park recommended Wags and Whiskers as the best place in town to give your dog a self-service bath, so that’s where we headed.

Don’t fret when your GPS leads you to the listed address and all you see in an auto shop. (Side note: I flipped out because I thought we were lost again) Just drive around back and signs will point you the shop which is tucked underneath the store above.  If dogs had a secret lair which they used as a base of operations for fighting crime, it would definitely look like Wags and Whiskers.

dog friendly nashville

The Dog Cave

Wags and Whiskers has everything ready to go to get your dog looking brand spanking new.  All you have to do is get your dog in the tub (easier said than done) and scrub away.

dog friendly nashville

Mr. Eko’s “Really, we’re doing this again?” face

Although he gets sullen and mopey during bath time, Eko is somewhat gracious in defeat and doesn’t try to escape.  I always like to give him some extra love as a way of saying thanks for not soaking everything in a ten mile radius with an attempted jailbreak.  Wags and Whiskers made that easy for me – the store is packed to the brim with great treats, so I picked up one of the house specials and Eko was back to his rambunctious self in moments.

dog friendly nashville

The store is packed with great stuff. I don’t think that baby is for sale though

Eko’s looking fresh, now all we need is a couple of cowboy hats and we’ll be ready to hit the town this weekend.  If you know of any live music spots we could attend, please let us know!

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