Extreme Home Makeover: Will And Eko Edition

As you know, Eko and I drive around the country in our car/home.  You may or may not know that the car is named Clifford, after the Big Red Dog.  In any event, we spend a lot of our time on the road and we recently realized that it would be a good idea to let fellow adventurers/wanderers/commuters out there know about our trip.

My original plan to share the story of our adventure while driving was to yell out the window on the highway as we passed other cars, but that plan did not work out for some reason.  Thankfully, someone much smarter than me (not Eko) suggested that a little home redecorating might be just what we needed.

road trip with your dog

Boom! We got some car magnets, baby!

Like most people, I believe that magnets prove the existence of magic. It’s the only possible explanation of how they work.  So Eko and I are hoping these magnets will work some magic for us and get fellow road warriors to check out the blog.  The only question was where to put them…

road trip with your dog

Eko shot down my original configuration

road trip with your dog

And suggested something a little more reasonable

Now if you’re on the road, you can be on the look out for a red SUV with our logos on either side of the car.  We would have put one on the back as well, but there must not enough magic on the trunk because the magnet wouldn’t stick.

We have a packed week in St. Louis, with the Beggin’ Pet Parade capping off our trip.  If you know of any other places we should visit or if you want to meet up at the parade, you know where to find us (and our car/home)!





Thanks for the heads up! Eko and I are going to explore downtown St. Louis tomorrow, and I think we will make the trip over to O’Fallon tomorrow afternoon.

Hi Will, If you are willing to drive east 20 miles, there is a great dog park in OFallon, IL called Rock Springs Dog Park. It was created and designed by an Eagle Scout.

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