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Yesterday’s dog park mystery merited its own post, but Eko and I hit a few other notable St. Louis parks later in the day.  Our first (legal) visit was to Forrest Park one of the country’s largest urban green spaces.  The park is home to the St. Louis Zoo, the Art Museum, the World’s Fair Pavilion and much more.  We spent a little over an hour wandering around the paths and seeing the sights.

dog friendly St. Louis

We shot an artistic photo in front of the Art Museum

dog friendly St. Louis

Refueled at the boat house

dog friendly St. Louis

And then I helped Eko eagle a Par 5 on our way out

Next up was Citygarden, a downtown park filled with twenty-four unique sculptures.  If art is your thing, then Citygarden is your thing.  However, we did spot a couple pieces which seemed to be unfinished….

dog friendly st. louis

This one was a headscratcher

dog friendly st. louis

And Pinochio was missing something as well

I am proud to announce, that free of charge, I have finished these respective works of art and transformed them into enhanced masterpieces:

dog friendly st. louis

I call this one: “Hello, ladies…”

dog friendly st louis

And this one: “Hey Pinochio, catch!”

You’re welcome, St. Louis. You’re welcome.  As a show of appreciation you would think that the city would have let me bring Eko up to the top of the Arch, but unfortunately the staff there didn’t think my art warranted the exception.  We got a pretty iconic shot nonetheless.

dog friendly st. louis

Welcome, to Jurassic Park St. Louis!

We have a couple of unique stops planned for today that maybe, just maybe, might class this operation up a little bit. Probably not, though.

5 thoughts on “Parks And Recreation”

  1. I love that your visiting my hometown! You should check out Four Muddy Paws a great healthy pet market and self-bathing shop who does lots of charity and rescue work. Theyre located in Lafayette Square in STL. Your next big trip should be to Europe (thats where we currently live) and its super dog-friendly. Our pups LOVE traveling and seeing the sites! Goodluck and Enjoy your Journey!

    • Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you liked the post! Eko and I will have to check out Four Muddy Paws this weekend before we hit the Beggin Pet Parade on Sunday. Maybe once we’re done with our American road trip we’ll take this show to Europe!

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