A Dog-Friendly Kingdom In Memphis

We didn’t have much luck finding pet-friendly places in downtown Memphis, so we decided to do what all adventurers do; go west.  Actually, I think we technically went east, but you know what I mean.  Some local Memphibians (if that’s not what they’re called, it should be) sent us out to Shelby Farms Park.  They said if Eko likes to run than there is no better dog park to visit, so we went to take a look firsthand/paw.

dog friendly st louis

“I don’t understand. Where are the fences?”

Eko could not believe his good fortune when we walked into the off leash section of the park.  There is a fence along the road, but aside from that the park is a massive area which includes fields, forests, trails and lakes.  In most dog parks Eko has to slow down as he nears the fence, but at Shelby I got to see Eko really let loose.  I have recreated Eko’s romp for you in photo form, since any video would just be a blur:

dog friendly memphis

The calm before the storm

dog friendly memphis

And he’s off

dog friendly memphis

The Ridgeback comes over the ridge

dog friendly memphis

Eko, you’re gonna slow down, right?

dog friendly memphis


Somehow the camera managed to survive this encounter, so I was able to snap a few more photos of Eko in action.

dog friendly memphis

Eko looked much more graceful jumping over these logs in person. This photo kind of makes it look like he is doing a magic trick where he levitates his butt

dog friendly memphis

Bartender, I’ll have what he’s having

Shelby Farms was so big that it is much more like a Dog Kingdom than a dog park.  It is definitely the largest off-leash area we have ever visited, and I haven’t seen Eko have that much fun in a long time. He may think that since he was the king at the Beggin Pet Parade it means that Shelby Park was the kingdom he inherited.  I’ll have to let the little guy down gently.  That is, if I can ever get him to budge from his throne…

dog friendly memphis

“What? I’m tired.”

4 thoughts on “A Dog-Friendly Kingdom In Memphis”

  1. My 2 Ridgies grew up at Shelby Farms Park. It’s a great space for people and dogs. I wish I had discovered your blog sooner so we could have met you and Eko. But we will certainly be following your posts from now on!

    • Shelby Farms was incredible, so I’m sure you have two very happy Ridgebacks. Eko was looking for someone to run with, so it would have been perfect to see you guys there. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. Hey: Just wanted you to know that we read every one of your posts and today’s was the best! Those photographs really capture the reasons why we need space and time to be DOGS! Even if we don’t always leave a comment, know that we never miss one of your messages and love what you’re doing. Robin has some great pictures of me in Memphis and Nashville. Hope you and Eko are well and having a good time. We envy you.
    Robin, Plaid & Stripe
    Plaid & Stripe PetShop, Providence RI

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