Happy Birthday Mr. Eko!

One year ago today, the adventure that is Mr. Eko’s life began.  He must have known we were kindred spirits because when I went to visit the litter, Eko was the one most interested in playing with me.  To seal the deal, before he joined his brothers and sisters for a nap, Eko ran over to me and whined until I gave him some more affection.

He was much easier to pick up back then

“Hey buddy, you’re taking me home, right?”

Ready for adventure

I knew when I got Eko that we would have a lifetime of adventure, but I certainly had no idea that we would be going on this adventure of a lifetime.  But why else would you get a dog unless you are looking for some mischief and misadventure in your life? Day-to-day life can get monotonous, but our pets help keep things interesting (sometimes, too interesting).  To celebrate a year of successful escapades with no arrests, we threw a birthday party for Eko in the hotel.

road trip with dog

Turns out that dogs aren’t great at playing these party kazoo things

traveling with your dog

Here’s to many more years and many more adventures!

Eko loves being the center of attention, so for his birthday you should watch the video we made while we were in NYC.  Unlike all of our other videos which had some chump behind the camera, this video was put together with the help of a few pros who were cool enough to hang with us for the day.  It’s the same shenanigans, but now the shenanigans are in HD!  Check it out:

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  1. It seems the old saying is correct, “after awhile a couple starts to look like each other.” For Mr. Echo, this is a tough concept to accept on his birthday.


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