Mr. Eko Is The Only Thing Standing Between Me And Having To Buy Bigger Jeans

Between Mardi Gras, the French Quarter and all the delicious food in New Orleans, I think I  must have gained about five pounds this week.  Luckily, Eko doubles as my personal trainer and is happy to whip me into shape any day of the week.  Yesterday we visited Audubon Park for a little Ridgeback Boot Camp.

dog friendly new orleans

We started with resistance training: I had to keep Eko from “saying hi” to the ducks

dog friendly new orleans

Next, Eko had me running wind sprints

dog friendly new orleans

We finished up with some deadweight lifts

And immediately after completing the work out, I completely negated any positive benefits by heading straight to Parkway’s, a New Orleans mainstay for absolutely amazing Po’ Boy sandwiches.  Parkway has a large outdoor seating area, so Eko was able to hang out and watch his hard work go down the drain.

dog friendly new orleans

It was worth every bite

So it looks like I’m not getting out of this city without having to loosen my belt a notch, but the food is just too good.  Thankfully, Eko will always be there to drag me out for a run.

We only have a few more days in town so be sure to send over any recommendations!





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