Dog Friendly Lunch In New Orleans


Usually, I pick where we eat lunch, but Eko found this entrance to the patio at The Bull Dog and so here we shall stay.  If you’re near the Garden District, we will be walking around Magazine Street for a while this afternoon.  Come give us a high five!

7 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Lunch In New Orleans”

  1. I will send you the “Hello Handsome” picture. Esme hearts Eko. And I sure wish I could take my Esme to travel for a year. What fun!

    When you are in Houston, eat at the outdoor area of Beck’s Prime. New Orleans has great food but not a cheeseburger like this place does. I like the location on Kirby near the intersection of Westheimer.

    Also the outdoor area of Mission Burrito…yum.

  2. I just found your blog too! I have a Rhodesian as well and she runs my art gallery for me. ….well supervises while I work that is. Really enjoyed reading about your travels. Eko is terrific. If he wants to meet a foxy lady Esme would love a play date. …oh had the best picture of her…swear it says “Hello Handsome” oh well. If I missed your stay…enjoy your travels. What a wonderful way to spend time! Marking your territory. Genius.

    My deceased ridgeback Millie, is on the website under the gallery section. She took care of everything.

    • Leslie, it sounds like the gallery is in good hands/paws! It would be great to see a photo of Esme, so you can shoot it to us at

      Lisha, we will actually be in Austin next week! Let us know if you have a favorite dog-friendly spot to meet. We will actually be holding a Marking Our Territory meet-up on the 10th. Hope to see you guys there!

  3. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading it ! Ironically ,We are about 3 hours away from Eko and you in the Gulf Shores area of Alabama. My husband and I are Breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and one of our Pups will be joining everyone in NOLA as of this Sunday. If you are still in town and spot a Happy Go Lucky 11 week old boy named Bodhi about Town he is one of ours! We travel a good deal with part or all of our pack so we are sure your blog will offer many interesting tips about traveling together! Hope your time in the South is Amazing!!


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