Pet-Friendly Houston: Where To Eat

We needed some adventure fuel to power our week in Houston, so yesterday we visited Barnaby’s Cafe, a local restaurant named after the owner’s dog.  And there are just a few clues at the cafe which might lead you to believe it’s dog friendly.

dog friendly restaurant houston

As we waited for the table, Eko thanked me profusely for my choice of restaurant

dog friendly restaurant houston

Now the menu just might tip you off that dogs are welcome, but just in case…

dog friendly restaurant Houston

The sign spells it out for those of us slow on the uptake. (Side note: Eko and I have never looked as refined as the individuals in that diagram)

While I enjoyed a delicious lunch Eko was kept content with a water bowl and a massive milk bone.  Barnaby’s has a few locations in the city, so wherever you are in Houston with your pet, you should be sure to swing by.

Today we’ll be all over the city and I’ll post some updates on the go.  If you see that we’re in your neighborhood be sure to let us know.  First stop, Bill Archer Dog Park!

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