Houston’s Best Dog Park.

Yesterday we took full advantage of the beautiful day with a trip to Bill Archer Park, a seventeen acre fenced in paradise that the locals refer to as a “small park.”  Everything really is bigger in Texas, including the dog parks.  The centerpiece of the park is a large bone shaped pool that Eko loved running around. And into.

dog park houston

Eko must be part racehorse because he always kept to the inside on turns

dog park houston

For one brief moment, Eko questioned whether he should take the plunge

dog park houston

But he never questioned if I remembered to bring a towel (I didn’t)

dog park houstonEven adventurers get water in their noses and make crazy faces sometimes

dog park houston

After regaining composure Eko dried off with a few runs through the agility course

Bill Archer Dog Park is an amazing place and I’m sure Eko and I will be back at least once before we skip town.  The park has you covered with a wash-down station at the entrance, but if you ever visit, make sure you bring a towel!

The title of yesterday’s post had a question mark, but not today’s.  There’s no question in my mined that Bill Archer Dog Park is the best park in the city. If it’s not, then Eko may just want to move to Houston permanently.

Grey skies and impending rain might keep most dogs at home, but luckily for us Houston has a large indoor dog park too.  We’ll be heading down to My Dog and Me to check out the facility around noon.  Come on down, the weather is fine! it’s indoors, so who cares what the weather is like?

3 thoughts on “Houston’s Best Dog Park.”

  1. Darn, I wish Id known you were here in Houston. My Dal and Bassett would have loved meeting Eko. We have some of the best dog parks in the country. Really enjoy reading about your adventures!

    • Sorry we missed you, it’s always great when we can meet some new friends. I’m definitely jealous of how great the Houston dog parks are, so your crew will just have to enjou them for us. Thanks for checking in!

  2. Im sure that pool get a lot of use in the Texas heat! Eko looks like he is having the time of his life!!!!

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