One Ridgeback, One Park And One Beer

Of all humanity’s accomplishments, I would humbly suggest that figuring out how to domesticate dogs and figuring out how to brew beer have both got to be in the top ten.  As far as I can tell, the secret to happiness is a good beer and a good dog.  Have you ever seen an unhappy person with both of those things? Exactly.

We first experienced the genius that is dog park/bar establishments at Dog Bar in Charlotte.  I thought the place was one of a kind, but thankfully that is not the case.  Yesterday Eko and I stopped by Boneyard Dog Park & Drinkery to relax after a hard day of playing in the park.

dog friendly houston bar

At Boneyard, art imitates life

Boneyard has a 7000 square foot park for your dog and it has a great beer and wine selection for you.  The bar also has a bunch of cool and helpful perks for dog owners.

dog friendly bar houston

The next generation of technology, the self serve dog wash

dog friendly bar houstonGood beer, (mostly) good dog, happy dude

From what I hear, even people who don’t own dogs love hanging out at Boneyard because of the atmosphere.  So ff you’re in Houston,  you owe it to yourself to grab a beer at Boneyard. Trust me, you’ll leave happy!

7 thoughts on “One Ridgeback, One Park And One Beer”

  1. Hey Will (or Eko) – Is Boneyard a business or public park facility? If it is public what do you think prompted the City of Houston to establish it? And do you think dog parks and dog friendly businesses create more socially interactive neighborhoods?

    • Boneyard is a totally private business, though we are not in any way opposed to public buildings offering a wonderful selection of beers. Boneyard, Dog Bar and other places like it without a doubt develop and foster a very tight and friendly community. At both places I was the only one who didn’t know everyone else at the bar. When Eko and I are done with this adventure we may have to set up a similar shop on our own!

    • I completely agree, Debbie! Once Eko and I are done touring the country, we may have to open up a bar/dog-park for our next adventure.

    • It was definitely one of my favorite places that we’ve visited. If we lived in Houston, Eko and I would definitely be regulars at the Boneyard.


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