Pet Friendly Houston Hotel- The Omni

This week we set up shop at the Omni Hotel in West Houston.  The room came with a nice bed for Eko to lounge on, and the grounds around the hotel have a path for short walks.  The biggest perk of the hotel is that it is just down the road from Houston’s best dog park.  Eko also had a couple of unique learning experiences at the hotel this week.

dog friend hotel houston

Eko had a difficult time comprehending how there could possibly be a pond indoors. He also made his first fish friends.  He wanted to go in and say hi, but we decided to save that for our next trip to Houston

dog friendly hotel houston

And he got a lesson in mechanical engineering on the elevator

Like most dogs who live in an apartment building or travel a lot, Eko is very comfortable with elevators.  He understands that you step into this magical device and that somehow it transports you somewhere else.  However, the Omni’s glass elevators let Eko see for the first time exactly what was going on.  It blew his mind.  He still doesn’t fully trust the Omni elevators, but after a few skittish trips I stopped having to drag him on.

Our Texas two-step continues as we head west to Austin for the week.  Today we’re driving straight to the Austin Kite Festival.  It looks like it should be a blast, so let us know if you’re around.

7 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Houston Hotel- The Omni”

  1. How much does your dog weigh? We want to take our 40 lb lab, but their website says 25 lbs is the max? Will they allow bigger dogs?? We’re headed to Houston in June.

    • I actually didn’t even realize there was a weight limit at the Omni – I didn’t see that when I booked. Eko is at least twice as big as your pup and the entire staff welcomed him. I even got a nice note from one of the managers. In general I have found that weight limits are usually flexible and that most hotels are happy to make an exception for a well-behaved dog. I don’t imagine you will have any trouble bringing your dog to the Omni, but if you want to be 100% certain it’s always best to call ahead.

  2. haha Wyatt hates elevators, he’d probably have a full on panic attack if we went in a glass one! Silly Newfie! Maybe Eko can teach him to be brave this summer …

  3. Am trying to find list of pet friendly hotel/motels on Florida’s gulf coast between clearer. South toward. Naples. Thank-you!

    • Unfortunately we haven’t made it as far south as Naples, but you can check the Petcentric Places app for a list of pet-friendly hotels in the area.


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