Dog Friendly Austin: A Few More Turkey Trot Shots

I love running with Eko, but that almost always means I have to put him on a leash.  The trail at Turkey Creek is the first place we’ve visited that explicitly has an off-leash policy.  The rolling trail crosses the creek at multiple points and it is a beautiful place to go for a run or hike with your dog.

dog park austin

While I stuck to the trails, Eko torpedoed up and down the slopes

dog park austin

Eko had fun splashing at the world’s smallest waterfall

dog park austin

And he made me take this photo so that he could tell all his lady friends he once jumped up a waterfall

Turkey Creek is a great place to go if you’re looking to ditch the pavement and ditch your leash.  It is absolutely worth the short drive from downtown.

If any Austinites haven’t gotten their caffeine fix this morning, come meet up with Eko and me at Mozart’s Coffee.  We’ll be hanging out between around 9 – 10.

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