Dog Friendly Dallas: Rodeo Practice

There is no way we are leaving Texas without wrangling some cattle, but there is no way we have even the slightest qualifications to do so.  Luckily we found a perfect solution right outside our hotel doors.  The Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive is the largest bronze sculpture of its kind in the world and consists of three cowboys and seventy steers.  For the morning at least, it also contained one Ridgeback.

dog friendly dallas

Eko dreamed of steering steer

dog friendly dallas

And leading them across the plains of Texas

dog friendly dallas

No steer would be lost with Eko on the prowl

Pioneer Park is also the large park downtown, so in addition to being a great place to pretend you’re a cowboy, it’s also the best spot in the area to take your dog for a walk.

It looks like the clouds followed us up from Austin, but hopefully the rain holds off while we explore the city this afternoon.

Let us know if you have a favorite pet-friendly Dallas destination we should visit!

2 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Dallas: Rodeo Practice”

    • Eko had a blast – he was really hoping one of the steer would actually start running so he could chase it down, but no such luck!


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