Dog Friendly Dallas: Trolley Tour Update

Since our subway ride in Boston, we hadn’t found another city that welcomes pets on public transportation.  Thankfully that trend was broken this week with Dallas’ pet friendly M-Line trolleys.

dog friendly dallas

You and your pup can hop on the trolley anywhere you see this sign

Not only are the trolleys free, but they are also the best way to take a tour of uptown Dallas.  You can hop off to take a walk along Turtle Creek Park, and then catch the trolley at the other end of the park to continue checking out the sights.

dog friendly dallas

Eko assumed the role of the tour guide and welcomed aboard all new passengers

dog friendly dallas

Just your average tourist

There is definitely something relaxing about cruising around in a trolley and we had a great time taking in the sights of uptown Dallas.  Eko enjoyed the trolley and today I can tell he’s looking to do some cruising under his own power. We’ll be checking out two of Dallas’ dog parks, Wagging Tail and White Rock, so let us know if you’re around or if you have your own favorite off-leash spot in the area.

2 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Dallas: Trolley Tour Update”

  1. I really hope you guys LOVE LOVE LOVE you trip to OKC!! Since I am a dyed-in-the-wool Okie (born and raised there, I lived there for my first 30 or so years), I would really like to see pictures of Bricktown and the skyline. I miss being there so much! Have fun and keep us all informed!
    P.S. Say HI! to the Sooners! And, yes, we are NUMBER ONE!!!!!! ALWAYS!!

    • Hey Marcia, we’re dodging flash floods right now, but we’re hoping they let up so we can get to exploring the city! I’ve heard great things about Bricktown and OKC in general so I can’t wait to check it out – and I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos. I’m a Notre Dame fan, so it will be good to see a football team that knows how to win the big one!!


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