Dog Friendly Dallas: Day Of The Dog Park

Somebody should  call up Guinness, because I’m pretty sure Eko and I have to be getting close to the record for “Most Dog Parks Visited In One Year.”  We added two more Dallas dog parks to our list yesterday afternoon.  We started off with a visit to Wagging Tail, Dallas’ newest dog park.

dog friendly dallas

Eko loved darting through the small groves on either end of the park

dog friendly dallas

And of course he had to check out the new four month old puppy

Next we stopped by White Rock, Dallas’ first dog park.

dog park dallas

Two dog parks in one day?  Even Eko couldn’t believe his good luck

dog park dallas

If your dog likes to swim, White Rock has an area where dogs can hit the river

dog friendly dallas

After the park we took another ride on the trolley, but Eko was a bit more tired this time around

We’re still figuring out our St. Patrick’s Day Eve plans, so let us know if you have any ideas!

4 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Dallas: Day Of The Dog Park”

    • Texas has definitely raised the bar for our trip and I can 100% recommend a visit to Dallas, Austin and Houston. It is good to be a dog in Texas.


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