Dog Friendly Dallas: A Dog Park Urban Oasis

As a general rule, you usually don’t want to be hanging out underneath the freeway.  However, some brilliant minds in Dallas turned one of the most undesirable urban locations into a really great dog park.

dog friendly dallas dog park

I give you, the Deep Ellum Bark Park

The park isn’t huge, but it’s plenty big enough for your dog to get in a good run.  Each pillar in the park was painted by a different artist and the portraits and graffiti are definitely worth checking out.  During our trip to Bark Park this afternoon Eko made fast friends with a German Shorthaired Pointer.  The two wasted little time before turning into side by side blurs bouncing around the park.

dog friendly dallas dog park

Runners on your marks

dog friendly dallas dog parkGet set

dog friendly dallas dog park


We’re headed to Oklahoma City tomorrow, but Eko had so much fun at Bark Park that we may just have to make one more stop before we get on our way.

Lastly, one of our readers from Oklahoma named Sara wanted to meet up with us at her favorite park in OKC, but unfortunately she didn’t leave any contact info.  Sara (and all other OKC residents) drop us a line at so we can set something up!

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  1. Pointers seem to have an endless supply of energy…at least the pups I’ve photographed. Who wore out who? I’m guessing Eko more than held his own…and looked darn good doing it!


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