Thanks to some reader recommendations Eko and I are on a stroll around Bricktown.  It’s a really nice area of Oklahoma City with a bunch of bars, restaurants and stores.  They even have a water taxi.

When I tried to get on the water taxi with Eko the woman working there asked if he was a service animal.  I told her that Eko works in the service of adventure, but she said that didn’t count, so we got the boot.  Oh, well.

We will be exploring Bricktown for a while longer, so let me know if you have a favorite spot in the area.

2 thoughts on “DENIED!”

    • Haha, that photo of Ella is classic! And luckily we found out that Eko couldn’t hop on board before we forked over any dough. We love Dog Bar so it’s great to hear that you checked it out.


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