Dog Friendly Oklahoma City: Paw Park

In between yesterday’s thunderstorms Eko and I managed to make a quick trip to Paw Park in northwest OKC.  The park was muddy and beat up after getting hit with so much rain, but “muddy” is just another word for fun when you’re a dog.  Eko and a few other brave souls had a blast bounding through the muck.

dog friendly oklahoma city

Why wait for the storms to get you wet? Eko took a dip into the enclosed pond

dog friendly oklahoma city

“She was a small dog from the other side of the fence, her family would never understand her love for the Ridgeback”- opening line from the new play I’m writing

dog friendly oklahoma city

Eko and his new friend laughed about how dirty they were about to make their owners’ back seats.

We ducked out of the park right before the rain hit, but I’m hoping to go back this weekend when some nicer weather is supposed to roll in.  It looks like thunderstorms are on the docket for today as well, so we may have to get creative about finding a place to go.

If you live in OKC, be sure to let me know if you plan to head to Paw Park sometime this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Oklahoma City: Paw Park”

  1. Will,

    Ditto. I was not aware of Petcentric places. Do you have a promo or post about it? I know they are sponsoring you but I was unaware of that feature/app.

    Anyway, I will promo it on my blog and give you credit for the find.



    PS – Corbett the Dog thanks you as well.

  2. I don’t know if you are familiar with or not, but you can list all of these dog-friendly locations on their site for others to see. Waymarking is free to join.

    Some of the pet=related categories include: Animal hospitals, off-leash dog areas/dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, pet-friendly hotels, self-service pet washes, pet stores, dog statues.

    • Hey Erik, thanks for the heads up, its always good to have another place where we can check out dog-friendly destinations. For our trip I’ve been using Petcentric Places because it also has an app (iPhone and Android) that I can use when we’re on the go…which in our case is always! Thanks for checking out the blog and thanks for the tip.


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