Move Over Dorothy

Despite dodging storms all week, we had a lot of fun in OKC.  We enjoyed walking through Bricktown (despite our setback) and it was a blast (for me) pretending we were cowboys in Stockyards City.  Even when we were stuck indoors, Eko kept me plenty entertained.

dog friendly oklahoma city

Eko used the extra time in the hotel to catch up on his beauty sleep

Eko had such a good time romping at Paw Park that we are going to make another visit before we get on the road to Wichita this afternoon.  Dorothy and Toto currently have the record for the most epic human/canine Kansas-based adventure, but this week Eko and I plan to change all that.

In order to challenge Dorothy and Toto for the crown we need a pretty serious challenge, so I’ve decided to enlist the help of some fellow adventurers. Geocaching is a GPS based outdoor treasure hunting game that has a growing following.  People create clues and puzzles along the way and anyone is welcome to try their hand at solving the final coordinates.  I’ve never done a geocache, but it sounds like a lot of fun and there looks to be a really cool one in Wichita.  Given my innate lack of direction, I may not even be able to find the starting point, but we’re going to give it a shot sometime this week.

If you have any suggestions or helpful info for a first time geocacher, please let me know!

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