Dog Friendly Wichita: An Afternoon At Chisholm Creek

Chisholm Creek is a full service facility which offers boarding, grooming, training and day care for your pup.  The highlight of the property is the ten acre park Eko and I got to check out today.

dog friendly wichita

Eko went under, over and through the agility course

dog friendly wichita

All smiles on top of the A-frame

dog friendly wichita

Eko’s GQ pose

The agility course was great, but without a doubt Eko’s favorite part of the park was the pond.  We had perfect timing and Eko got to romp with some of the day care pups.

dog friendly wichita

Eko practiced for tomorrow’s treasure hunt

dog  friendly wichita

Splashing in the shallows

dog friendly wichita

Swim tag

The Chisholm pup park requires an annual membership, but it does allow a free one-day pass.  And thanks to our pass (and our friends at daycare), Eko is now sprawled out on the floor snoring.

If you are ever passing through Wichita, Chisholm Creek is the perfect place for your pup to exercise and earn a much needed bath.  Thanks to the staff at Chisholm for showing us a great time!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for a full day of treasure hunting.

6 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Wichita: An Afternoon At Chisholm Creek”

  1. There is a lady near wichita in belle plain that has a website called…she does great work for shelters and military working dogs…check her out!! Hugs to you and Eko! Good luck on your hunt!

    • Thanks for the info Dana – we’ll have to look her up.

      Sherry, it’s funny you mention Atlanta because we were there in January and went to the Beneful Dream Park too: – It’s such an amazing park, and the turf is perfect no matter what the weather is like. I can see why you were spoiled!

      And I wholeheartedly concur – the world needs more dog bars.

      Thanks for the info Betsie – be sure to drop us a line if you know of any great stores or places we can visit when we hit Cali.

  2. We need a beautiful spot like this in New Jersey. What fun Eko seems to be having! Wouldnt mind a few of the dog friendly bars you have highlighted either.


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