Dog Friendly Wichita: The Geocache Adventure Begins!

Geocaching, or treasure hunting, requires three skills that aren’t exactly my strong points:

1. Math

2. Navigation

3. Being Smrat Samrt Smart

Luckily, Eko excels in all three categories so I’m confident we’ll be able to decipher these clues at Keeper of the Plains Plaza and find the treasure.  Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I learned from every movie and TV show I’ve seen that the best way to start a search is by putting pushpins in a map.

dog friendly wichita

I randomly stuck pushpins in a map of Kansas, but it wasn’t very helpful

dog friendly wichita

After I explained my strategy, Eko calmly told me it was my worst idea since I tried to ride him like a horse through a fast-food drive-through window

My initial consultation with Eko didn’t work out so well, so we’re ditching the pushpin strategy and going with the “actually follow the directions” strategy.  I’ll post updates and photos throughout the day as we find and decipher the clues.

If all goes well, we should have our treasure in hand before the end of the afternoon!  If all doesn’t go well, I’ll start shooting signal flares off at dark so the rescue team can find us.

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