Dog Friendly Denver: Tour De Pet Store

As Eko reminded me yesterday, it’s never too cold to go to the pet store, so we spent the afternoon checking out three local shops – Chewy’s, The Wag Shop and Zen Dog.  All three stores were great and Eko attempted to eat everything in every store, but each one had something unique to offer.

dog friendly denver

Chewy’s had the widest selection of treats and training toys

dog friendly denver

Eko read about the history of his clan at The Wag Shop. The store had the most products for larger breed dogs.


dog friendly denverZen promoted locally owned companies as well as high fashion. Unfortunately they didn’t have a tux in Eko’s size

dog friendly denver

There are a bunch of other pet stores in Denver that we didn’t get to visit, but three stores in a row was all the excitement Eko could handle

Yesterday was nice, but as usual, Eko is looking for some action.  The snow nixed our plans for a hike, but luckily we found a place downtown where Eko can run wild. Zoom Room in Denver is a new facility which includes a big indoor dog park.  It’s the perfect place to play on a day like this.

If you have any favorite dog-friendly places in the Denver area be sure to drop us a line – the weather should hopefully turn tomorrow and we are in town until Monday.

4 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Denver: Tour De Pet Store”

  1. Dude:
    We are hoping the NCAA Womens Basketball Finals in Denver tonight will welcome an ND alumni and his better half. Go Irish!
    Skylar Diggins
    If you didnt see the game in person, please explain.

    • I went to the arena with Eko and tried my usual, “Of course he’s a service dog, he serves adventure,” but the guards didn’t buy it. It was tough to watch that game on TV, I can’t imagine being in the building for that beatdown. Oh wait, yes I can! It’s called Notre Dame football.

  2. What did Eko think of the treat puzzle? I’ve always wondered if they are worth the investment, I think my dog would enjoy it, she’ll do anything for food.

    • I’m going to have Eko try the puzzle tonight and I will report back asap with some video! I’m also interested to see how busy it keeps him, but Eko also will do anything for food so one way or another he’ll get it.


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