Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: Temple Square

I meant to get a post up earlier, but we had a long drive yesterday and our hotel accommodations weren’t exactly what I expected:

dog friendly salt lake city

It looked different in the photos online…

Just kidding!  The above photo is from Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.  The square is the headquarters of the Mormon Church and features some really beautiful buildings and landscapes.

dog friendly salt lake city

We saw a few different couples shooting wedding photos on the grounds.  I didn’t have the heart to tell the gardeners that they planted these trees upside down

dog friendly salt lake city

I tried to take one photo without Eko, but he just had to jump in

dog friendly salt lake city

A photo of the reflection of the Temple. If you can’t wrap your head around that…

dog friendly salt lake city

Here’s Eko taking a drink to help give you some perspective

dog friendly salt lake city

And of course, sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses

Stretched over three city-blocks, the square has enough paths and sights for a nice walk.  There is also plenty of outdoor seating if you want to grab lunch or just enjoy the view.  If you’re in Salt Lake City you definitely won’t want to miss Temple Square.

Like Denver, we’ve heard that the SLC has tons of great trails and off leash parks.  I’m hoping a few looming thunderstorms change their direction so that we can take full advantage of the beautiful scenery.  We are heading out for a trek at Mill Creek Canyon tomorrow afternoon, so if anyone is game to come along with their dog, just shoot me a note at

3 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: Temple Square”

  1. Can I ask you – were you asked to leave when taking your dog through temple square? The lights at temple square will be on soon for Christmas and I’d love to take my dog for a walk from my apartment downtown through temple square and back. Do you know if they have a rule about dogs walking on their grounds?

    • Hi Gabby, I had no issue walking through the square with Eko. He stayed by my side at all times and got plenty of friendly hellos. I believe the park is listed as pet-friendly, but it would probably be worth calling ahead to make sure that’s still the case.

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