Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: An Odd Day At Mill Creek Canyon

The United Nations could learn a lot about problem solving from Mill Creek Canyon.  The Canyon has beautiful trails that hikers, bikers and dogs all love, but having bikes and off-leash dogs on the trails at the same time would be a recipe for disaster.  Instead of kicking either group to the curb, the Canyon belongs to bikers on even numbered days and off-leash dogs on odd number days.  Now, don’t tell the bikers I said this, but dogs definitely get the better deal – on months that have thirty-one days, dogs get two days in a row. Same goes for leap year February! Booyah!

dog friendly salt lake city

Eko is always all smiles off-leash

Mill Creek has miles of trails and I have no idea which one we took.  We just decided to keep heading up until we couldn’t head up any longer.

dog friendly salt lake city

Water(fall) break

There are a number of fresh springs on the lower portion of the trails, but you should pack water for you and your dog if you plan to hike further up the mountain.

dog friendly salt lake city

Another day at the office

Once you hike up past the tree line you get a gorgeous panoramic view of the mountains.  Mill Creek is only ten miles from Salt Lake City, but If you follow the switchback trail up to the top of the mountain  you feel like you are worlds away.

dog friendly salt lake citySnow!

About two feet of snow capped the top of the mountain and Eko of course had a great time romping.  For about ten minutes we just hung out and enjoyed the view.  Then I turned my head, saw the storm clouds moving and remembered the forecast called for thunderstorms.  We high tailed it out of there and flew down the mountain in no time.  Luckily we made it back to the car before the storm hit.

dog friendly salt lake city

Eko was so tired that he couldn’t even make it to the room before passing out

Mill Creek was without a doubt our best hike since we’ve been on the road.  It is such an easy drive from Salt Lake that there’s no way you should miss out on the trip.  Both you and your pup will love it.

The weather really turned on us – it’s about forty degrees with more thunderstorms on the way – so we are still figuring out a plan for the day.  If you have any suggestions, we’re all ears!

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  1. Spectacular shots. Almost too spectacular. I am starting to wonder if this entire trip hasnt been faked, like the moon landings….


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