Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: Rain Dance

With storm clouds looming over the city, Eko and I didn’t have much time yesterday so we took a quick trip to Herman Franks Park so that Eko could get some running in before the rain hit.  I was worried the park would be a mess from the rain, but the woodchips keep the park usable in all weather.

dog friendly salt lake city

Eko and a few other brave souls had a blast romping before the storm

dog friendly salt lake city

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

dog friendly salt lake city

With such a limited amount of time for play Eko couldn’t waste time drinking from the bowl

The dog park is right across the street from Liberty Park and we got to take a quick walk around before the rain hit. It seemed like a great place for a walk or run – weather permitting!

Unfortunately it looks like we’ll be dodging thunderstorms for the rest of our time in Salt Lake, but there are still a few spots we want to check out so hopefully we get lucky.  Check us out on Twitter @WillandEko to see where we end up!

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