Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: Parleys Dog Park

Things can get pretty boring for a dog stuck in a hotel room.  While Salt Lake City got drenched we tried to kill time by playing hide and seek.  It did not work out so well, but I give Eko credit for trying.

dog friendly salt lake city

Something about that lamp doesn’t look right

Finally, the sun broke through the clouds yesterday for a few hours and we took full advantage of the time with a visit to Parleys Dog Park.

dog friendly salt lake city

Even Eko had to stop and admire the beautiful scenery

Hands down, Parleys is the most beautiful dog park we have ever visited.  Nestled in between the mountains, the park sits in a canyon and has something for every dog.  There are open fields for fetch, trails for jogs, shallow water for wading and deeper waters for the swimmers. Parleys is a canine paradise and Eko loved every moment of it.

dog friendly salt lake city

Eko may or may not have stolen that stick

dog friendly salt lake city

Eko took a moment to appreciate the view…

dog friendly salt lake city

…and then immediately resumed romping wildly

Parleys is actually right near Mill Creek Canyon, but if you do a full hike at Mill Creek you will want to save your visit to Parleys until your pup has had a chance to recover.  It also still amazes me how such a great place is so close to downtown.  If you’re in the area with your pup, there is no reason not to make the trip to Parleys.  The park is beautiful and your dog will have a blast.

12 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: Parleys Dog Park”

  1. OMG Eko is such a good hider! How was his seeking? I’ll bet he found you every time! Glad you two are having such a great trip! I am loving every post, and laugh quite a lot while reading through them! Thanks for letting us keep up with you! Dana.

    • I know, right!? Who knew Eko was such a master of disguise. Handsome and talented – what a lucky dog. We’re having a lot of fun on this trip – some who have seen our videos would say that we might be having too much fun. The best part of the adventure is sharing it with everyone, so thanks so much for checking out the blog. Glad you get some laughs out of it too, I know we do!

  2. Speaking of bored pups, did you guys ever figure out that puzzle toy for Eko? I wanted to try it out myself for my lab. Let us know your thoughts, and Eko’s, on it! Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey, sorry I forgot to post the video! I’m going to finish it up today. The short answer is that the puzzle kind of works – it kept Eko busy until he realized that he could just pick up the entire thing and shake it until the treats came out. Not exactly how the puzzle was meant to be solved, but an effective solution! Personally, I think I prefer the rubber balls/puzzles. There’s no way to cheat those and it keeps your pup moving around more.

      • Good morning! Well if Eko figured out you could just shake it to get the treats out, I’m sure Murphy, my lab, would do the same thing! Any recommendations for the rubber puzzles? I see a ton out there but worry that they will be too easily shredded since Murphy likes to chew on his toys, as most labs do. Thanks for the response!

      • There are a bunch of companies that make them, but if Murphy is a big chewer than getting a Kong Ball is probably the way to go. It’s durable and I’m sure Murphy would love chasing it down for treats.

      • I will pick one up next time I go by the pet store! Thanks a bunch for your input. I’m sure Murphy will enjoy it! 🙂

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